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Workspace Branding: an essential element of Corporate Interiors and fit-outs

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Workspace Branding: an essential element of Corporate Interiors and fit-outs

Today, across corporate offices and other workplaces, companies are creating deeper engagement with employees and visitors through environmental graphics.

Environmental graphic design combines various design disciplines to connect people, brand and culture in a physical space. It uses elements of graphic, interior, architectural, landscape and other types of design to transform a space and make it more meaningful for the people who visit or use it. 

Corporate office branding with innovative environmental graphic design is a powerful tool to tell a story that supports your corporate vision, builds a sense of belonging, and reinforces brand uniqueness.

Why have branding in the workplace?

According to statistics found in the “Impact of Office Design on Business Performance” by the British Council for Offices, the workplace environment accounts for as much as 25 percent of job satisfaction, and can affect performance by as much as 5 percent for individuals and 11 percent for teams.

Studies have shown that an office that reflects the company’s culture, values and brand promise, fosters a more productive, united and satisfied team. It enhances employee understanding and adoption of business objectives and company values, as well as reinforces why prospective clients and employees should work with you. 

In our sensory overload society, it is more important than ever to develop a consistent and clear expression of what an organization values and represents. Office space design agencies can help organizations maximize their brand expression opportunity in their physical facilities. By strategically and creatively integrating brand with interiors, workplace branding designers can mould the user experience in three dimensions, using every space to tell a story and build the brand. 

Office branding, the Interics way

At Interics Designs,  we use different concepts to brand and build your office space. Taking a strategic and integrated approach, we build content and design that resonates with all stakeholders on both emotional and logical levels. 

Interics Designs’ division IN-SPACES uses different media and materials, develops themes and visual language, designs original installations to create a unique space that instills pride, boosts confidence and builds brand.

Interics Designs’ specialised IN-SPACES solution covers the overall office branding and office environment using graphic design, interactive design, informative design and 3D design. The complete package is designed to extend and elevate the brand experience, create a ‘wow’ factor that is impressive and inviting.

Some crucial elements include:

-Fascade branding for brand impact at the entrance

Wayfinding/signage systems to facilitate navigation and provide clear, concise information

-Murals and installations that infuse original aesthetics with bland office spaces

-Workstation wall branding with wall graphics to create vibrant, motivating work spaces

-Cafeteria branding to add spice to refreshment breaks

-Recreation/Breakout zone branding 

For large multi-nationals and Indian conglomerates, across corporate offices and regional offices, IN-SPACES systematically integrates brand image in space, designing environments which are both engaging and communicative. One of the few global environment branding design firms in India and in the business for over two decades, we have developed a unique delivery system that ensures high quality outcomes with sound time management and cost effectiveness in execution.

To discover how space branding can make a difference to your corporate workplace, contact us at www.intericsspacedesigns.com and www.intericsdesigns.com

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