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The Importance of Office Branding

The Importance of Office Branding

Before we come to the importance of office branding, let’s discuss what is office branding. Office branding is all about shaping the dynamics, decor and infrastructure of an office so that it reflects the theme, values, culture and brand of the company.

Studies show an office space that intrinsically reflects a company’s culture, values and brand fosters a more engaged, productive and satisfied workforce. For visitors, office branding delivers consistency of brand and improves how they perceive the brand.

Environmental branding of workplaces is much more than some colour on the walls or logos splashed everywhere. Effective workplace branding involves strategic thinking, meticulous planning and creative designing, taking into consideration every aspect that can create ambience, uplift mood and influence productivity.

Here are some ways in which office branding impacts a company:

Creates sense of community

A branded workspace is a daily reminder that everyone there is working to achieve a common goal. A brand that’s easily seen and understood creates a sense of community. Being a part of a company that’s impressively presented instills a sense of pride and ownership. By integrating brand ‘DNA’ into the office, by using visually aesthetic design, you create a workplace that’s conducive to creativity, motivation, pride and therefore, productivity.

A branded workspace enhances employee understanding and adoption of business objectives and company values, as well as improves employee wellbeing and retention.

Attracts & impresses clients

Imagine you’re a prospective client, walking into a company’s office. And you see the company’s culture, values and brand story creatively displayed. You see the latest design trends at work, creating a dramatic first impression. It’s bound to have a positive impact, inviting you to do business with the company.

Effective office branding informs visitors about your business and your brand. A bespoke office environment helps build confidence in your brand and your capabilities.

Boosts creativity

Make your workplace comfortable and aesthetically pleasing; make the environment contemporary and vibrant – and you create a lively, liberating space where employees feel energised, engaged and motivated to innovative thinking.

A branded workplace connects employees to their purpose by reminding them of the organization’s values and their role in that journey. When employees feel valued and inspired, they do their best work.

Builds differentiation

Setting yourself apart, making your brand stand out are becoming increasingly difficult in the modern world. If your company has a standard, pleasant but ordinary office environment, you’re missing out on a special opportunity to create differentiation. And you’re wasting a chance to make your best first impression.

Whether for new clients or potential employees, your office is an introduction to your brand and core values. It defines your brand personality and sets you apart.


Just think. A typical employee spends more waking hours in office than anywhere else. Why not make the most of this opportunity and make sure that every person who works at your office lives and breathes the brand? Your brand, core values and mission are at the heart of your organisation. Office environment design helps you put them at the heart of your office too. With spatial branding, you can extend and blend the brand’s personality across your premises, from the car park to the cafeteria, the reception area to meeting rooms.

Consult SEED (Smart Exhibition & Environmental Display). SEED is a part of Interics Designs, a multi-disciplinary creative design agency in India with proven expertise in Brand Strategy, Brand Image Building, Graphic Design and Environment Branding.

Established in 1988, SEED has proven expertise and considerable experience in office branding, brand experience centers, tech centers and other spatial design. We design and execute environment branding projects that transform office buildings into physical manifestation of your brand so when employees and visitors enter, they actually ‘step into’ your brand and experience your unique brand promise. Check out SEED’s impressive portfolio on www.intericsspacedesigns.com

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