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Space Design to boosts Morale

space design

Space Design to boosts Morale


Many people have been hesitant to start working from the office after the pandemic. Although work from home has proven to be effective for individualistic work, it greatly affects teamwork and group-based projects. Virtual platforms no matter how convenient are not as effective in creating a bond among employees and the company.

Countless companies across the world are trying to find ways to encourage their employees to start working from the office to create a stronger connect with the enterprise.

One of the ways to create an environment of enthusiasm and boost morale is office space branding, creating an environment that instigates curiosity and fosters creativity and innovation and enhances brand connect.

How to create a space that boosts Morale?

Office spaces that are built with the objective of boosting morale and enthusiasm require a huge understanding of the company’s expectations from their employees as well as the psychology of the employees. It requires a study of the work culture the enterprise is trying to promote.

Some of the important things to factor while creating such spaces are:


The entire space should have amaster theme that embraces the inspirational value, the motivation as well as the connection to the brand. It is the most important milestone in the design process to create a theme and base a narration on that theme which acts as a mother concept for all the design touchpoints in the space.

Zone Allocation

Each enterprise has many teams and each team has a separate function towards the company’s welfare. Being able to do justice to each team by dedicating a space or a zone for each of the them is crucial for the space design as well.


Weaving a story accommodating both the theme and the zones is a challenging but a very important factor to keep in mind. It is very important to come up with content that is a part of the whole narration and is also fresh and generates curiosity; sparks motivation and instils entrepreneurship.

Design Elements

Certain elements in the space design create a better atmosphere for work. For example, it is easier to focus and concentrate with the background of certain colours and shapes. Study of these design elements that boost morale and create the desired psychological effect on the audience is expected.

One must use this study and combine it with aesthetic compositions, that are aligned with the brand, supplement the content and help create an engaging space for the audience to feel comfortable in.

Our Experience

Interics Inspaces recently came across an interesting project with a similar objective. It was for a fast-growing company that provides digital solutions for businesses.

The company had a unique culture that promoted self-growth which would eventually lead to the growth of the company. They commissioned Interics to maximize the productivity and enthusiasm of their team by curating a spatial experience that provided comfort, motivation and encouraged self-care and wellness.

We started the process by studying the company’s profile, history, achievements and goals in depth. This led us to sourcing elements that will create a clear path towards motivation, success and happiness. We created a distinct language using a blend of existing corporate language, attractive visual elements and playful illustrations complemented by amusing content.

From the company’s business goals and objectives to their wellness initiatives, the workplace provided the accurate amount of comfort, inspiration and motivation through the carefully curated zones. The workplace successfully captured the essence of a youthful and lively team.


In order to be able to create inspiration through spatial design one must understand the psychology of the employees. It not only requires a thorough understanding of the demography but also requires a certain level of sensitivity and empathy.

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