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Personalized Workspaces Connected By the Brand, Inspired By the Local Culture

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Personalized Workspaces Connected By the Brand, Inspired By the Local Culture

The employees and the internal stakeholders of the company are as important as the customers. They play a crucial role in driving the company’s success. Creating a comfortable and personalized work environment for the employees is smart way to increase productivity. This not only helps to create a strong connection between the brand and its stakeholders but also helps the brand stand out among competitors.

Adding relatable local elements in the workspace branding is an effective way to create an immediate personal connection with the internal stakeholders. While creating a local connect and deriving inspiration from a particular region’s culture and heritage an important question that arises is how to combine these inspirations with Brands of Diverse offerings.

How to create a personal connect with the brand?

Some of the important points to keep in mind while conceptualizing such projects are:

1)Understanding the objectives of the brand

Understanding the precise business objectives as well as the objective of the space is a very important milestone in the design process that accelerates the research process and helps build a relevant narrative.

2)Identifying the Audience and Activities happening in the space

Typically, a workspace has several areas and each area has its own objective and stakeholders. The design process must accommodate each of these zones with a comprehensive understanding of the objectives of the zones.

3)Preserving the brand essence

Local inspirations require a lot of research on the culture, lifestyle and history of the place. It is often tempting to add as many impressive elements of the culture as possible. Hence, a constant self-reminder to keep in touch with the Brand story is extremely important.

4)Building a future proof Narrative

In a fast-paced world, many aspects of businesses keep changing. To build a future-proof narrative, understanding of the Vision, Mission and values along with the long-term plans of the company is imperative. Being one of the topmost Creative Branding Agencies, Interics has come across several such projects. One of the monumental projects we executed with a local theme was for a leading global Mining Company.

Corporate office branding

Theme and Narrative

The company’s office branding all over India is built on Product offerings and the company’s philosophy and values. With a freedom to explore a creative theme and the objective of creating a deeper connect with the local audience Interics came up with an Intelligent design system for the company.

For the Pune corporate office design, we created a language inspired by India’s rich architectural and art heritage; it’s outstanding craftsmanship and culture. The theme – ‘Products to Presence’ was established by connecting the company’s corporate values and strengths with the company’s widespread presence in India.

corporate office design

Design and Execution

With a thorough research on Indian art & culture, Interics integrated these aspects in their corporate space by using a unique design language carried across the space.

The workplace concept was brought to life by integrating modern materials and technologies with local craft and artisanal skills across a variety of panel surfaces, exhibits, graphics and installations in the work place.

Keeping a deep understanding of the intricacies and logics behind the Indian culture, each design was conceptualized and articulated juxtaposing the company’s offerings and philosophies with Indian heritage to create creative and original artworks.


The research, ideation and creative processes resulted in a captivating Spatial design that impacts, engages and interacts with stakeholders.

The vibrant workplace also narrates the brand story and evokes a variety of emotions. It creates a sense of belonging and instigates creativity.


Articulating personalized spaces requires an immense level of research and understanding of the brand as well as the culture of the local space. An experienced brand marketing agency like Interics with diverse domain knowledge will be able to create innovative narrations as well as creative and original designs.

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