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Inclusive space design

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Inclusive space design


Inclusion and Diversity is one of the most talked about subjects today. It majorly talks about diverse people equally valued and unified in an environment that is comfortable for all. With increased awareness on the subject, many companies are trying to build inclusive workspaces.

Talking of inclusion& diversity, we often tend to think of concepts such as race, ethnicity, and gender. But concepts such as physical ability, mental illness and different personality types are also important to keep in consideration while designing inclusive spaces.

What does an Inclusive workplace look like?

An inclusive workspace is adaptive of the needs of all of its audience. Not only do inclusive workplaces cater to the physical requirements of their audiences but also the emotional requirements. It comprises of amenities and installations that imbibe a spirit of belonging and helps the audience interact with the environment.

These workspaces often facilitate amenities for people of different personality types as well. For example, separate thinking pods for individualistic people who are comfortable working separately. Such initiatives result in the employees feeling prioritized in the company.

Similarly, interactive breakout zones can also be articulated for diverse people to interact and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Designing inclusive workspaces doesn’t necessarily mean highlighting diversity or endorsing philosophical ideas of inclusion. It could simply be a nudge towards interacting with diverse people more, leading to acceptance and appreciation of different views.

Why invest in inclusive workspaces?

Benefits of building inclusive workspaces are as follows:

Foster creativity and innovation — Inclusive workspaces create a comfortable work environment for people and encourage brainstorming and discussions. It caters to the work needs of a wide range of people which leads to a variety of creative and innovative ideas.

Increased productivity — Inclusive workplaces enable employees to remain engaged and refreshed. Such spaces give people an assurance that their thoughts and work matters which instils a feeling of ownership leading to increased productivity.

Stronger connect with the company — Inclusive workplaces provide comfort and instigate productivity as well. It leads to individual success of an employee as well as the success of the company which helps create a strong emotional bond between the company and its people.

Attract and retain talent –An inclusive workspace reflects good work culture. With the latest generation entering the workspaces with increased empathy and awareness, it is imperative for companies to foster an inclusive work culture. A workspace that is adaptive of each individual’s needs acts as an introduction to the culture.

As an International Creative Branding Agency, Interics has worked on a few inclusive workspace designs. One of the most noteworthy inclusive designs we created was for a leading global brand.

Theme and Narrative

Global brands are challenging the limits of what workplace design can offer; building benchmarks of fairness, authenticity and inclusion;so, people, relationships and businesses can thrive.

Interics used their fool proof methodology to design and implement a powerful spatial design creating a multisensory design that defies the boundaries between global business, intelligence and reach; local culture and resonance; all through a human-centred and emotionally enriching workplace experience.

The India office narrates the story of Global Diversity & Local Resilience by embracing different backgrounds and perspectives of stakeholders and communities, across the world.


This unique work environment connects and delights to unite Customers and Communities from diverse backgrounds and perspectives towards the collective success of company worldwide.


Building inclusive spaces requires a thorough research and understanding of the demography of the office and creative capability of catering to the needs of all. Interics designs being the topmost brand marketing agency, is a perfect choice for such projects.

Get in touch with INSpaces for all international exhibition stall design, spatial branding and corporate office branding needs. INSpaces is a part of Interics Designs — a full-service creative design agency in India, Branding agency and Brand design agency– with over 3 decades of rich experience in Brand Strategy, Brand Image Building, Graphic Design, and Environment Branding.

Pay a visit to INSpaces’ splendid portfolio at www.smartexhibitiondesign.com.

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