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factory branding


Factory Branding is an especially challenging area with little scope for aesthetic transformation considering high confidentiality and uncompromising industrial and safety mandates.

Companies often face challenges boosting morale and spreading cheer in such environments. It is crucial to create a warm and comfortable environment for the factory employees with accurate safety messaging.

Although the objective of Branding an office space and a factory space seems similar, there is a huge difference between the two.

What exactly is the difference between factory and office space branding?

Factory areas are typically large spaces with heavy machinery and machine operation centres. These spaces often have a strong criterion for hygiene and safety. With huge machinery and comparatively less branding space available, branding factories is a bigger challenge than branding office spaces.

The objectives of branding factories and branding offices vary vastly. An office space has a clearly set down list of stakeholders – both internal and external which makes corporate branding an imperial part of the spatial journey. Factories also have certain external stakeholders that visit but the frequency of the visits is comparatively low.

In many instances factories have heavy machineries with imperative safety instructions. Having a relevant and fairly large area dedicated to these safety instructions is mandatory.

The scope of using different material for branding and creating installations is low as compared to office spaces.

How to strike a perfect balance between aesthetic and industrial mandates?

It is very important to keep a few factors in mind while branding a factory space.

  • Understanding spatial dynamics
    Conducting a space analysis and identifying places available for branding is a major milestone in the design process.
  • Understanding the nature of the business
    Understanding the brand, its principles, vison, mission, goals is very important to develop a spatial language for the space.
  • Narration/ Theme building
    Building a story for the space based on the brand research, zones, the mandates and the stakeholders is the prime factor in factory branding.
  • Content Mapping
    Developing content based on the brand research and assigning specific spaces for industrial and safety messaging; corporate messaging and aesthetic designs.
  • Creating Aesthetic Designs
    Be it corporate messaging, Safety messaging or inspirational messaging, creating a composition with elements from the spatial language created creates a unified effect in the space.

Our Experience

Being one of the topmost Brand Marketing agency, Interics has an impressive portfolio in Factory. We have handled end to end projects all over India for brands with varied offerings. One of the most interesting projects we executed was for a leading international pet care brand.

It was a particularly interesting project as the company has many initiatives and plans. They follow, promote and preach inclusivity and diversity in all their global plants and offices. They also have several social initiatives including sustainability and nourishing the wellbeing of the people. Along with this, they have strict hygiene and safety rules. Containing all this information with their global reach in a factory environment was a challenge that Interics gladly accepted.

We identified several touch points in the factory that were available for branding including doors, walls, pillars, signages and pipe racks. We then carefully articulated the journey starting from their global initiatives to the local initiatives keeping the aspect of pet care alive, not to forget the safety instructions. We also included their principles and their initiatives of inclusivity and diversity in the narration.

We then crafted a unique design language to use throughout the space to create a holistic space design. Our thoroughly followed design process developed and articulated through 3 decades of experience helped us create a vibrant, informative and inclusive factory environment. 


Striking a balance between aesthetic and industrial mandates is interesting, but challenging as well. Interics Designs being one of the best Creative Branding agencies in India is the perfect choice to handle such projects. Get in touch with INSpaces for all international exhibition stall design, spatial branding, experience and corporate office branding needs. INSpaces is a specialized segment of Interics Designs – a full-service creative design agency in India, Branding agency, digital branding agency and Brand design agency– with over 3 decades of rich experience in Brand Strategy, Brand Image Building, Graphic Design, and Environment Branding.

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