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Experiential Exhibition Design

Experiential Exhibition Design

Experiential Exhibition Design

Experiential exhibitions have grown highly popular in the recent years especially due to the presence of high profile audience from various sectors and media houses. Many domestic and international stall design agencies are embracing immersive media to bridge the content of the exhibition and the visitors’ perception. Remarkable technologies and awareness of the importance of interactivity have significantly raised the bar for exhibition design agencies.

However, we have observed that recent exhibition designs focus more on technological treatments rather than using technology as a mere tool of narrating the story for brands. The audience’s curiosity to witness the latest technology should not be mistaken over their understanding of the Brand and what it is trying to convey through the exhibition.

What are the most important factors to create an experiential exhibition?

Innovative narrations

An innovative narration that comprises the Brand story, the values and the latest innovations of a Brand is of the primary importance. In order to build the narrative, one must have a complete understanding of the brand and its objectives for the exhibition.

If participating in Multiple tradeshows in a year, the narrations for each exhibition can be planned in advance to give the visitors a holistic feel of the brand. This can also attract the audience from one tradeshow to attend the next one to gain another perspective of the brand.

Structure of the Exhibition

The structure of the exhibition is the foundation to start building the narration in the space. The structure of the exhibition must have an essence of the brand as well as the versatility to endure the various elements used to enhance the story.


Interactivity is a tool to bring the narration of the exhibition to life. It creates memorability and stimulates a deeper understanding of the message we are trying to convey. Interactive installations also play an important role in enhancing the overall theme and creating a futuristic stall design.


Proper use of the dynamics of the structure in sync with the narration of the stall combined with the right interactive and digital tools creates the ambience of the stall. The precise ambience has the power to create a wow factor to make a first impression and attract the desired audience to the stall.

Types of Interactive installations

Kinaesthetic Installations

Installations that prompt the visitors to touch and move or physically interact. These types of installations produce sensory and perceptual learning and increase the visitor’s interest in engaging with the surroundings.

Immersive Installations

These installations include advanced technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Mixed Reality that entirely change the look and feel of the physical space. These technologies provide the visitors an opportunity to explore the world of the brand.

Digital Installations

These installations include technologies like Video walls, sensor operated technologies, gesture operated technologies that use audio-visual media to create an impact. These are widely used in exhibition stalls to introduce the brand and attract audience from a distance.

A checklist for full efficiency of Interactive installations

-To decide the objective and the audience for the installations in advance.

The theme and the look and feel of the installations should match the overall theme of the stall.

-The installation must be compliant to the brand and the overall theme.

The installations must follow the colour scheme and the guidelines of the Brand.

-The installations must be easy to use, easy to update and easy to repair.

The installations constructed for the tradeshow booth could be reused for the next exhibition or can be shifted to a more permanent space. Making the installations easily reusable and repairable is cost effective and also sustainable.

-The installation must be made with consideration of the structure of the exhibition booth

The installations should be adaptable to the structure in terms of size, weight and mechanisms. In order to achieve that, one must plan the structure and the installations with full knowledge of material and mechanisms.


Experiential stall designs create an impact and engage audiences. There are several factors that go into creating a mark through your Exhibitions. With decades of operations under its belt, INSpaces – an accomplished exhibition stall design agency can conceptualize and implement remarkable designs for you.

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