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Benefits of Experience Centres for B2B Businesses

Brand Experience Centres Design in India

Benefits of Experience Centres for B2B Businesses

Everybody’s talking about customer experience centres (CEC) as an effective way to connect with customers, build brand loyalty and ultimately increase sales.

But what exactly is a CEC?

A CEC is an interactive space designed to attract potential customers by giving them a chance to undertake an immersive brand experience. Of course, businesses can showcase their products and services at the CEC but more than that, CECs offer a dynamic, dedicated, customer-centric space where customers can enjoy a personalised journey as they delve deeper into the brand and its business.

Difference between B2B and B2C experience centres

On a general level, the difference is obvious. B2B experience centres are aimed at other companies; B2C centres target the individual end-consumers. But in fact, it is not so simple.

Sure, a B2B company has other companies as customers but you’re not actually marketing to the company; you’re marketing to the people working for that company. And usually, there are quite of few people participating in the ultimate purchase decision.

On the other hand, you may think B2C companies only need to address the individual consumer and that is certainly true for shoppers of a cell phone or a personal bank account. But what about products such as a car, holiday or house? In such cases, while one spouse leads the buying process, the B2C company has to consider the other family members who are key stakeholders in the decision.

A case for experience centres

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, customer expectations of what brands should deliver keeps changing. Customers look for highly personalised experiences. To be competitive, businesses need to create and deliver a unique brand experience that speaks to the sensory, cognitive and emotional.

This is possible in an experience centre where businesses can create personalised, multi-dimensional experiences for a positive response. By offering an interactive space designed around tailored experiences complemented with personalised conversations, potential customers are more likely to understand your brand, values and offerings. Better still, they will feel that your business understands and cares about their needs. This can go a long way in not merely converting a prospect into a buyer, but also in building long-term brand loyalty.

CECs enable businesses to

  • Build brand reputation
  • Showcase legacy and achievements
  • Offer customised product demonstrations
  • Demonstrate problem-solving capabilities
  • Address complex purchasing decisions

How Interics IN-SPACES can help

IN-SPACES is a part of Interics Designs, a multi-disciplinary creative design agency in India with proven expertise in Brand Strategy, Brand Image Building, Graphic Design and Environment Branding.IN-SPACES has proven expertise and considerable experience in office branding, brand experience centers, tech/experience centers and other space design.

When working on CECs, Interics IN-SPACES believes in planning every detail in advance, to create a winning experience. Some essential design aspects we consider:

  • Reflect the brand and values: tell the story of the company, reflect what makes the company different – in a way that connects with the customer
  • Make it all about the customer: define different audiences and their needs, motivations and journey; provide a uniquely personalised experience
  • Plan the customer journey meticulously: storyboard to identify every stage and give it a seamless flow; make it feel authentic and welcoming; map key touch points to blend the physical space with interaction
  • Use multimedia content: digital installations, graphic design, tactile installations, sensory installations – use whatever it takes to create and augment the experience
  • Choose the right technology: harness the power and interactivity of immersive digital technologies such as virtual and augmented reality; don’t make it gimmicky or complex; ensure it supports and improves the customer experience and fits seamlessly into the CEC journey
  • Keep the future in mind: design it so it can be easily updated and adapted, where content can be regularly reviewed. Future-proof the project
  • Bring the company’s employees on the same page: ensure employees are well-trained and equipped to work in the CEC and respond to customer needs


Planning an experience centre for your business? Contact Interics IN-SPACES. With a blend of strategic planning, graphic design, interactive design, informative design and 3D design, we create a unique package that tells a story, extends and elevates the brand experience, and creates a ‘wow’ factor that is distinct, impressive and immersive.

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