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Benefits of Custom Exhibition Stand Design over Modular Designs

Benefits of Custom Exhibition Stand Design over Modular Designs

Broadly speaking, there are two types of exhibition stands: custom and modular. Each has its pros and cons. Modular display stands are built from individual modular parts and usually consist of metal frames, connectors and the business’ chosen graphics. The stands are available in a range of standardized styles, and sizes, and they are simple to put together and take apart. The primary advantage of modular stands over custom exhibition stand design is the fact that they are more cost-effective, and have been designed for mobility and multiple usage.

On the other hand, custom exhibition stands are tailored to specific requirements. They offer scope to be creative with design and display ideas, and to make a statement that is exclusively and distinctively, YOU.

In this article, we take a more in-depth look at the plus points of custom exhibition stand design.

Get noticed

One hardly needs reminding that it’s a highly competitive world out there so you really need to stand out and get noticed. Your trade fair booth design needs to grab attention and attract footfall. With custom exhibition stand design, you get a chance to create something unique and innovative that stands a better chance of getting noticed. With a custom structure, bespoke graphics, strong branding and endless possibilities of videos, animations, virtual environments and interactive games – your custom stand is certain to make your stand memorable.

Build brand

Bespoke exhibition stands are designed with your brand at the heart. Style, graphics, colours, messaging – they can all be used to make your stand distinctive and memorable. A made-to-measure stand is an opportunity to present your corporate identity and brand values the way you want, with powerful messaging to reiterate and enhance your brand positioning. Custom exhibition stall design with creative flair and integrated branding approach will help you stand out on the crowded trade show floor.

Have flexibility

Custom stands can be designed to make optimal use of space. Depending on the stand you have booked, its dimensions, layout, open sides, etc., you can design structures and displays according to your exhibition objectives. You have the flexibility to use the space, map the visitor’s journey and plan displays for better ergonomics and visibility. You can also include features that can be modified and adapted for future shows, so your bespoke exhibition stand is a smart investment for your business.


Whilst a standardised, modular exhibition stand might be more affordable, and you can design panels as creatively as you like, it doesn’t offer the exciting possibilities of a bespoke stand. If you want to create a real buzz; if you want to make your business more eye-catching and memorable; custom exhibition stand design is the only way to go. A custom stand will exploit the benefits of extreme flexibility of design to create a structure that makes best use of given space, attracts the right visitors, achieves your exhibition goals, and builds your brand in the most impactful manner.

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