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7 Ways to Attract & Engage Visitors at Your Exhibition Stand

7 Ways to Attract & Engage Visitors at Your Exhibition Stand

You’re participating in a trade show. You’re competitors are probably going to be there as well. Yet you look forward to a steady stream of visitors throughout the day. However, attracting footfall and engaging visitors for more than a fleeting moment call for some planning and bespoke exhibition stand design.

No matter what type of business you are in, no matter whether this is your first show or the nth one for you, here are some tried-and-tested methods of attracting and engaging visitors.

1. Pre-show promotion: Marketing your presence can impact the number of visitors you receive. Send emailers to existing and potential customers; update social feeds, advertise on relevant websites and magazines. Do it all before the show, so attendees can plan their day in advance and look for your exhibition stand when they arrive at the trade show.

2. Be visible: Bold colours, innovative lighting, eye-catching installations – do what it takes to design a spectacular stall. Conveying information is vital but attracting attention is just as important. Start planning months in advance and work with a creative exhibition stand design company for bespoke exhibition stand design & build – to ensure your stand is visible down the aisle and is striking and enticing enough to capture people’s attention.

3. Train staff: Booth staff plays a crucial role at trade shows. They need to convey the right image, be professional yet friendly. It is not enough to ensure that your workforce is knowledgeable about your product or service. They need to be able to engage people in friendly conversation, without coming across as being too pushy or sales-oriented.

4. Provide space for discussions: The crowds, noise and bustle of exhibitions can be overwhelming. If you provide comfortable seating in a quiet, relaxing lounge or enclosure, visitors are more likely to stay for a conversation. In any case, visitors will be tired from walking around the sprawling exhibition grounds, so they’re sure to welcome taking the load off their feet. And yes, a free cup of hot coffee or cool drink served during discussions would tempt them to sit longer!

5. Give freebies: Free gifts or merchandise is an effective trick to pull visitors to your stall. It could be something creative (but make sure it complements your brand image) or a simple branded pen, keychain or coffee mug. The takeaway could be something more professional like a white paper, ebook or subscription to a paid service. Remember, everyone loves a free gift, so visitors will throng your stand if you have something nice to give out.

6. Provide refreshment: Exhibitions can be exhausting and usually, refreshments sold at exhibitions are expensive or far away. Free coffee, ice cream, popcorn or even bottled water can draw visitors to your stall, and incentivize them to stay a while. That’s your opportunity to engage them in conversation!

7. Entertain: You could play an eye-catching, informative video or host a game; use virtual reality to create a life experience or hire a juggler. Entertainment will help you draw visitors and hold their interest.


It’s tough competing at trade shows. Remember that exhibition success depends on careful planning, creative design and innovative thinking. You could definitely do with some professional assistance.

Talk to SEED (Smart Exhibition & Environment Display). Based in Pune, India, SEED has the team, skills and experience to understand your brief and brand, work closely with your marketing team and develop your exhibition stall design with compelling creativity and proven capability. Anywhere in the world.

SEED has over 2 decades of experience in expo stand design & build across India and even abroad. SEED has served hundreds of clients in both B2B and B2C sectors, delivering award-winning exhibition stall design with hassle-free, quality construction.

SEED can even help promote your stall with a smart digital marketing strategy; ideate and execute innovative freebies; make interesting videos & presentations, etc. to enrich your exhibition booth design and ensure exhibition success. Contact SEED today for a free consult and quote.

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